The Importance of Exercise during Depression

by Beth McHugh | More from this Blogger

10 May 2009 08:14 PM

Depression affects such a large proportion of the population that any helpful adjunct to traditional Western medicine is a useful tool for the sufferer. Exercise is one such method to help alleviate the effects of depression on both the body and the mind.

When a person is moderately to severely depressed, one of the last things they want to do is exercise. There literally is no interest in anything, so jogging merrily around the block or doing rounds of lunges at the local gym or even in front of an exercise DVD is not going to appeal to the depressed. Nor should it.

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By Dennis R. Devid
My experience as a professional experience ggz patient ;
I have had  5 year depression, and know what it is. You’re so tired every day that you come to nothing. Everything is a heavy task. Make you angry gives you strength. This anger to come together and makes that you  get off from that couch and go do something …
Once you’re create a roadmap or equal aganda so you can continue working. Because as long as you’re forgetting your depression and you feel good. That works so hard to walk. Your brains is a protein made you feel good. As you keep walking. It would therefore also called “dead” walk … as long you continue to drop.
I myself have great benefit with medication. I now use 20 mg prozak and 4 mg of Risperdal (schizophrenia). The medication you can take a few years until you feel better and then you can try to build until you are recovered.
Sometimes there is a chance that the depression comes back. That was the case with me. I had a depression in 1997 and 20,002 I built off the medication …. but in 2003 I had a deep depression. My case is chronic.
Today I move a lot, I feel that my condition improved and I in my skin is better.
With a course you can train your mind (dutch);
https: / /
So you can turn  a negative twist in to a positive, and be active.
down, sad

down, sad


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