Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder

I was fascinated by today’s Personal Health column by Jane Brody, which focuses on borderline personality disorder. Having known someone who is a “borderline,” I was intrigued by the following description from Jane’s column.

People with the disorder are said to have a thin emotional skin and often behave like 2-year-olds, throwing tantrums when some innocent word, gesture, facial expression or action by others sets off an emotional storm they cannot control. The attacks can be brutal, pushing away those they care most about. Then, when the storm subsides, they typically revert to being “sweet and wonderful,” as one family member put it.

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Commend By Dennis R Devid;

I have also problems with my weight, just like BDP have 

The doctors say to get more exercise, but thats right but some people have problems with energy and condition. A lot of people do not believe that medications is the problem and it’s hard to explain for BDP that to family and friends. A lot of BDP people have problems with their anger. How to Avoid Borderline Rages, Angry BPD Tantrums.

Recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder: click here A for Personal Essay

More information for the Netherlands;  click here… stipzoetermeer


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