Beat depression with a test and RET therapy

How you think is important.

Let’s focus on the role of thinking in depression. No matter what the other causes of depression may contribute, thinking always plays some role and can always make matters worse.

  • If you are depressed because of a biochemical imbalance you will still be thinking about your life experiences.
  • If you have too much stress you will certainly think about the stressful events.
  • If you learned to be depressed then your usual pattern of thinking will maintain it.

Thinking is always occurring, and therefore plays a fundamental role in creating not only depression ,but all of our other emotions as well.

Understanding how our thinking creates our moods and behavior is an area of cognitive psychology. Trying to improve our thinking to improve our moods and behavior is cognitive therapy. Cognitive therapy provides a good model for self-help.

Cognitive Therapy: Rational Emotive Therapy (RET)

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Comment by Dennis R Devid;

Every human can take the depression-test here, here or in dutch here, here, here and here.

My conclusion was that I had still some irrational beliefs no I try to be more rational about things…

As an expert on depression and RET (Rational Emotieve Therapy) from the Netherlands i used the dutch pages like this, this or this. The last two pages are in dutch…

I learned that there are 5 steps;



Something bad happens; like somebody you loved dies.


Your thoughts are;”It’s the end of the world to me… :(”

3.Consequence / feelings;

You feeling very mad and sad or depressed.

4.Change thoughts of beliefs (2)

You can make new thoughts about the dead of your loved one;

a.”It was his/her time…he/she was old”

b.”It was an accident, there was nothing you could do.”

c.”Everybody dies some times…It was God that made that decision”

d.”he/she is with angels now…”

e.”he/she had cancer, there was nothing we could do”

5. discussion

Talk about the thoughts that make you feel happy and good. And replace those bad thoughts with new happy and good ones… Talk with family and your doctor what good thoughts could be?


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