Stress and burnout (the truth)

If all stretch is out 
Healthy or unhealthy tension stress?
Stress brings the body into a state of preparedness: the pulse quickens, the breathing muscles are committed and are faster and deeper. That tension helps a driver for example to quickly the brake suddenly when a child shooting his car. Stress allows people more alive to work and concentrate on a difficult job or a challenging test. After such an event follows the tension go away.
This stress is unhealthy. It is part of life and comes to everyone. But some situations make it work without stress to use. Many people become stressed during their daily example, staying in the file. People build stress when the pressure is constantly high or constantly stresses his home by illness or quarrels. That stress is not healthy, but causing overload and exhaustion. In worst cases this can lead to overstrain and burnout.

Symptoms of stress and overload
Stress often manifests itself first in unremarkable, “normal: complaints. These may vary per person. The burden gets a stomach ache, the other of exzeem, the third sleeps badly. If the stress persists or no time to recover, the effects felt in many sectors. The main symptoms are;

Body Truly;
Retention-call fatigue
-Muscle pain, headache, poor appetite
-Reducing resistance (more prone to colds and flu)
-Palpitations, hypertension, high cholesterol

-not to rest, anxiety
-irritable, irritated
-gloomy moods, crying, worrying, anxiety
– Can no longer enjoy his listless or lethargic
-indecisiveness, impaired concentration, forgetfulness
insecurity, diminished self-confidence

Behavior changes;
lower-performing and more mistakes
ever-smoking and much more alcohol and drugs
-more-sleep or use tranquilizers
and social contacts increasingly evade.

From bad to worse
Stress is healthy as long as the requirements for a person not be higher than what that person can handle. The Load (tax) and capacity (the carrying capacity) than balanced.
The problems arise when the carrying power is greater than the capacity and the overload persists for a long time. People in this situation sinks ever further from himself, in an attempt to set requirements.
The greater the depletion, the worse the symptoms are. People who have been overloaded, are also becoming more emotional. Outbursts of anger, aggression, panic attacks, depression and distrust have replaced by irritation, worry and concern.
Even simple everyday things is getting harder. A phone pest, vacuuming, washing, everything takes a lot of energy. Thought not succeed and it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish main and side issues. Thoughts like “what do I do it all for” and “I am everywhere only” push on. At one point, the cake completely. A small incident is often the straw that the camel’s back, so someone collapses.

Span or burn-out
An overdose prolonged stress can make people span. Other names for this are surmenage, chronic stress, overwork and (emotional) overload. People need time and rest to recover them.
Sometimes the strain so great that not only helps peace. That is the case where someone “burn-out” or to burn out. Burn-out is the final stage of prolonged plundering body and mind. Someone in this situation needs help and training needed to improve.

Depression and burnout
People with burn-out have also many complaints that occur in someone with depression. So they are often depressed and lethargic and have feelings of guilt, like people in a depression. Therefore, these “disorders” sometimes difficult to distinguish. But burnout is the result of overload, while depression can also occur without the presence of overload. Construction also plays in the creation of a depression than a greater role in burn-out.

Tips for people with stress problems
After follow-voltage entertainment. Take enough time to get out of stressful situations.
grab-time when in overload. The longer you own output, the longer the recovery takes.
-Put in a row that causes you stress. What cost you much energy and you change it?
-set priorities and think ahead. Also keep time open for unexpected events.
-Determine whether it is realistic that you ask yourself. Nobody is perfect.
small-business matters as quickly as possible, otherwise they accumulate and they continue to haunt you.
-do one thing at a time and take the time. Hurry tired.
-Set limits and say ‘no’ on too much when you have your fork.
-Talk to your feelings of overload on environment and search together for solutions.
-Find a balance between work and home, make time for things that give you energy, such as hobbies and friendships. Exercise is a good outlet for stress, such as cycling, swimming or walking.
care for relaxation and rest. For a yoga or meditation works, another much relaxation, massage or listening to music. Find your own way.
healthy-living increases your strength. Note therefore that you sleep and plenty of exercise, healthy eating, not drinking too much coffee and alcohol and not smoking.

Tips for the environment.
-talk to your friend (in), partner or colleague if you see that is overloaded and symptoms.
Stay-on if the person responsible for the state denies your vision and point to repeat the complaints which can result from the stress.
Help make a priority.
make-over appoinments with the person responsible for his or her motivation to tackle stress. You can do this in the form of a bet, for example about taking breaks.
Go shutter-ends do something together.
-remember, someone help is fine, but only if you monitor your own limits.

Therapy helps
For each mental health facility or mental health center prevention training there .. You can sign directly. The cost of training minimal.In attention is given to recognize and address causes of excessive stress. There are also relaxation therapy and stress and time management courses.

Via GP or psychiatrist appointment only and last resort.

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