Crisis card/crisiskaart voor GGZ in Region The Hague (zuid Holland)

Crisis Card /crisiskaart
Map crisis at hand, the crisis in hand
Why a crisis card?
Many people have the experience that during a mental crisis is difficult to get good help.
First is unclear what opportunities there are and there is a lack of crisis relief, especially outside office hours. Second, for many clients unable to help during a crisis right to organize.
The core of the Crisis Card /crisiskaart is that you develop a plan when you have a clear idea of what’s desirable in the event of a crisis. That way you know you can count on in any further crisis.
The card is a crisis that aid workers and a Instrument client together with the environment can take the appropriate measures to the person in crisis to appropriate help

What is a crisis card?
A Crisis Card /crisiskaart is an expandable card, the size of a debit card that is easy to carry. On that card is in short and clearly stated;
– Personal data
– Details of contacts or friends and family, doctor and possibly. practitioner and / or residential supervisor
– Drug use
– Appointments with social workers and others
– Opportunities and practical information such as mail or pets to be cared for.

The Crisis Card /crisiskaart is a brief summary of the crisis plan. The crisis plan provides detailed information about your crisis, your wishes and arrangements made for the reception by aid workers, or friends and family.

How do I map a crisis?
For the having of a Crisis Card /crisiskaart can make your appointment card with crisis counselor. You must fill list of questions. Then a crisis plan which all parties must sign. A copy of crisis plan that is stored on central location 7 days a week 24 hours per day can be consulted by social workers.
The product platform is free cisiskaart “hague” client organistaties in the GGZ
Torenstraat 172
2513 BW Den Haag
070 3665 38 16
Ask for Arjan van den Berg (crisis counselor )

The Hague, Rijswijk, Wassenaar, Leidschendam / Voorburg and Zoetermeer


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