“Even psychotherapy for depression overestimated”

‘The effects of psychotherapy for depression are overrated. Researchers conclude that the Free University in cooperation with American and Swedish counterparts. They examined 1036 scientific articles and found that studies showing that treatment works, much faster than published studies which concluded that the same treatment or not counterproductive. Having previously found that the same goes for antidepressants. Also, the effects of overestimated. Pharmaceutical companies have little if an investigation reveals that a drug produced by them does not work and then such research is often not published. For other parties, it is not very interesting to raise money for research on medications they do not sell, leaving only the positive studies to the attention. The same effect appears to the Vrije Universiteit to intervene in investigations into psychotherapy. Clinicians may have a particular interest in the positive results of psychotherapy are published. Even editors of journals would quickly opt for articles showing that a treatment or drug works.

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