Talking is not so good…

After stories about pills that do not work, now shows the effect of psychotherapy on depression less than expected. The effectiveness of antidepressants is overrated – that message came out months ago. The pills – and particularly the SSRI’s – can produce very heavy to alleviate depression, but most people who swallow them, people with mild or mild depression, would be better off with psychotherapy. That was when the story .. Now also shows the effect of psychotherapy smaller than previously assumed. Researchers at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam studied, together with colleagues from Sweden and the United States, over a thousand scientific articles and found that studies show a beneficial effect of psychotherapy, more likely to be published than unfavorable trials. Next week is their story in the journal British Journal of Psychiatry. For the manufacturers of Prozac and other SSRIs is also one consolation: they can perhaps their pills in the future to wear a different group of patients, the rheumatic patients. British researchers have found that SSRIs inhibit inflammation and thereby suppress arthritis symptoms in mice. That must be said that when the inflammatory effect only occurs at relatively high doses of antidepressants. Prozac is not so high that you can use just as a means rheumatism. But the SSRIs offer



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