Five Emotional Sinkholes and Four Ways To Express Feelings

Actually all emotions are created equally through our conditioned minds and are to be handled with great care. In fact, you can get into quite a mess operating with a one-size-fits-all policy! Imagine if you kidded your boss like you do your spouse, or were as tough on your young child as you are with a competitor. You wouldn’t treat all your business associates, friends or family members the same, would you? Neither would you treat different physical illnesses, psychological challenges or anything else in an identical fashion. Emotions are no different in wisely adapting a unique approach for each. Five emotion clusters are best handled with kid gloves, that is, they are possibly “dangerous—handle with care!” The apparent dangerousness of emotions, especially the following five emotional sinkholes, is understandable given how moods and emotions are the result of our thinking conditioned mind influencing a feeling with thoughts, opinions, evaluations, comparisons, and interpretations along with lots of energy and animation.

I’m convinced that human beings have the ability to infinitely concentrate their mind, attention and activity on any feeling or emotion, thereby enhancing that state. However, these five distressing clusters of emotions or affects are particularly susceptible to this occurring and corrosive to the person feeling them and often those around them. To be able to objectively stand apart from uncomfortable emotions is to have the witnessing opportunity to disarm the ego-mind in shedding all dysfunctional thinking influence and surrender the emotions. To be enmeshed, entangled, and involved in these same difficult emotions is to be their resentful slave. In developing your awareness of emotions, it is critical to spot these emotional sinkholes because you are at greater risk. These five affective clusters are potentially depthless in our expressing them. A wise saying goes, “forewarned is forearmed.”



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