Recognize the causes of your fatigue

A whole series of causes fatigue may provide. Our society is demanding, the most ingenious uses of equipment and we make more and more use of a quick bite or eat food on a high-tech way is established. Usually it is sufficient to take a good rest, healthy and balanced diet and drink plenty of fluids. Sometimes there is more going on and it is therefore necessary to be sure to listen to your body. Stress and workload Stress and a high pressure exhaust the body. We are torn by the combination of a full time job, a household, working with the kids and running from one extracurricular activity to another. There is hardly a balance between these activities and relaxation that our body needs. Insufficient physical activity It may sound strange and ambiguous, but sufficient exercise and sports is needed to mentally relax. After an evening workout you have the feeling completely recharged and new energy. Insufficient good night’s sleep Insufficient sleep, late night noise and sleep are also factors that ensure that we get tired. A good and sound sleep is necessary to fit again to start the day. People who live near an airport and suffer from the takeoff and landing aircraft touch after a while completely off balance. A poor or inadequate food A deficient diet with enough vitamins and minerals. Too much salt, sugar and toxic substances are all factors that make you sluggish. Our body has a balanced diet requires that you provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals that the body needs to function properly. Fast-acting sugars give you just a brief power surge and then fall to cause a blood sugar that make you sluggish. Too much drinking For all organs to function properly we need a full diet and drink enough but we should. Dehydration symptoms are the body and debilitating fatigue is also the first sign of dehydration. Endurance athletes use sports drinks containing therefore the fluid in the body long hangs. This keeps them more fit and energetic. Coffee, alcohol and smoking The caffeine in coffee ensures that we get an extra surge of energy. Usually this is unsustainable and we then get a blood drop which is even more fatigue. Alcohol depresses the central nervous system and lowers blood sugar. Smoking has an effect on long-term fatigue and dependence on nicotine are you going after a time at night to wake up a cigarette to stabbing. Irregular life People with an irregular lifestyle. Working in shifts or night work are extremely unhealthy. Our bodies need a good sleep and daytime sleep does not help us enough to recover. After a while, the fatigue so strong that we must insert a recovery period. Exhaustion as a first symptom of a disease. If none of the above reasons apply, we must think of an underlying illness or the use of toxic substances. Infectious diseases, chronic fatigue, arthritis, pregnancy, medication such as cortisone and amphetamines, drugs, and ultimately pepmiddelen cancer extreme fatigue concerns.


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